Lake Fountain Installation in Fort Myers, FL

Lake Fountain Installation in Fort Myers, FL

Things to Consider when considering installing a Lake Fountain

So you've been contemplating adding a Lake Fountain to your residential or commercial property?

Whether it be for aesthetic beauty or for functional value, lake fountains can shift the atmosphere of any property. However, there are some things to consider before deciding whether or not you should have a lake fountain installed in your Fort Myers, FL property.

Southern State Lake Fountains has taken the time to put together some of the top questions you should consider before installing a lake fountain.

  • How tall and wide should the desired spray pattern be and what nozzle will provide the desired pattern?
  • How much will it cost to maintain the fountain and is that within the operational budget?
  • Do you want lights on the fountain? How many and what wattage? How far will the primary viewing distance be?
  • What electrical requirements are needed to operate the desired fountain including lights?
  • Is the pond deep enough to support the fountain?
  • Will excessive debris in the pond cause continual plugging of the intake screens?
  • Does the fountain require wind control shutoff switches?

For answers to these questions, and more helpful information on lake fountain installation reach out to the experts at Southern State Lake Fountains