What Southern State Lake Fountains Inc. offers its customers…

• The most simplified customer experience possible. You deal with the same company for all portions of the installation.
• The most comprehensive consultation in the industry.
• The most competitive pricing and fastest installation due to our “all in one” capabilities.
• The very best warranty and service, all from within our company.
• The fastest and most knowledgeable support to other fountain and aeration companies.
• American made LED lighting with the best warranty, colors and wattages.
• Highest quality motors and pumps.
• Assistance with the power company for New Construction applications, etc. if required.
• Replacement or repair of existing fountains and the associated electrical.
• All Permits and Inspections that may be required by your city or county.
• One on One communication during the entire project.
• Initial startup and documentation for the fountain motors and pumps.
• All sizes and fountain configurations from 1Hp to 50Hp or larger.
• Family owned and operated.

Our Ideal Customers Include…

  • Land Developers   
  • Golf Courses    
  • Sports Complexes  
  • Residential Communities
  • Home Builders  * 
  • General Contractors  * 
  • Fountain & Aeration Companies 
  • Property Managers  
  • Home Owners Associations    
  • Business Complexes
  • Condominiums  
  • Assisted Living Facilities    
  • Health Care Facilities 
  • City County or State Projects  
  • Individual Property Owners
  • Shopping Centers   
  • Community Development Districts

The Origins of Southern State Lake Fountains Inc.

Based in Ft. Myers, Serving all of Florida

As a 4th generation electrician and a 2nd generation Electrical Contractor I decided to enter the fountain niche assisting fountain and aeration companies with the electrical they required. Over the years I have become very familiar with the motors, pumps, float assemblies, nozzles, construction and electrical associated with these installations.

Immediately I recognized the challenges of the businesses or individuals purchasing the fountains. First, most every fountain company is not licensed, insured or qualified to install, design or repair any portion of the electrical system associated with the fountain. This means they must introduce a third party into the process creating a gap in communication, delays in design and installation, and questions about who is responsible for service and warranty. In addition, multiple steps and complicated coordination is required when multiple parties and subcontractors are involved. It was obvious to me this wasn’t the ideal situation for the customer and there was certainly a lot of room for improvement.

Southern State Lake Fountains Inc. is a family owned and operated, Fl. State Certified Unlimited Electrical Contractor available to provide all aspects required when purchasing a fountain. I am also a Fl. State Certified Building Contractor familiar with construction management and the processes involved with bigger and more complicated installations. Our Certifications and abilities allow us to greatly simplify the entire process, save our customers money, and decrease the overall time it takes to complete a project.

While serving in the United States Air Force (USAF) for more than seven years serving in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the continental US, I was taught the Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) while attending the USAF Leadership School. We do our best daily to implement the CIP as well as practicing our own Core Values of Honesty, Competence and Service Above All Else. Our success directly impacts my immediate family and the families of our employees.

Most of all, I am very grateful for our previous and current customers for giving our team the opportunity to be our best. I encourage any questions and recommendations to help us become even better for you!

Thank you so much!
Justin Hilliard